Greater Manchester Buddhist Convention 2019


One Root, Many Branches



Sunday September 29th from 9.15 am to 4.30 pm

Manchester Buddhist Centre, 16-20 Turner Street. Manchester M4 1DZ

Book your free ticket here!!

The Convention is an all-day event, open to members of Buddhist Sanghas, students and interested members of the general public.  It offers opportunities to listen to talks on different forms of Buddhism and to engage in meditation, study and dialogue around the theme of the Convention.

This year our title is “Buddhism: Transforming Uncertainty and Conflict”. Our hope is that this theme appeals to both those seeking answers to the problems of the world and to those seeking inner change and engages with the potential contribution of Buddhism towards:

  • transforming division and uncertainty, isolation and ego, ignorance and delusion;
  • working with the power of Buddhist philosophy and practice to transcend differences, polarization and conflict;
  • explaining and giving hope of healing and renewal in the face of division, decline and desolation;
  • finding the wisdom, courage and compassion needed to effect positive change in difficult times.

The Convention is a ticketed event via Eventbrite; please book your free tickets here. We are grateful to the various Buddhist sanghas who prepare and serve vegan food for the Convention.

There is no charge for lunch, however, we do ask that people who can afford to do so please make a donation to cover costs.  (Suggested guideline: £5)

GMBC Committee.



Manchester Buddhist Convention Committee
One         Root         Many       Branches


Manchester University Buddhist Society

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