Buddhist Creatives at Not Part Of Festival

Aryamati (Olga Kenyon) of Triratna Buddhist Community and Oxana Poberejnaia of Western Chan Fellowship are participating in an exciting Manchester-based creative initiative called Not Part Of Festival.

Both events will take place in Earth Cafe. Both events are free.

Oxana’s is on 7 July at 7 pm-9pm.

Aryamati’s is on 15 July at 7 pm-8.30pm.

Oxana’s event is called Sherlock Suite – a joint event with Daddies Girls. Oxana is going to read her poems inspired by the BBC drama Sherlock. Daddies’ Girls is a collection of short stories, for which nine women of different backgrounds contributed a story of their relationship with their Fathers. Oxana’s story is called Waking Up.

Aryamati’s event is called Eat Drink Poetry. ‘Two Thinking Mancunions share advenorous language. Olga Kenyon has published 8 books on women, launches her first poetry collection. Steve Waling is entertaining, versatile, aware of life’s aburdities, joys and slants. He’s author of 6 books, from ‘Calling Myself on the Phone’, ‘The Travelator’ Bring a poem.’


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