MBC: Programme and some notes


The Buddha In Our Midst


One Root many Branches

Manchester Buddhist Convention

Saturday 13th Oct 2012

9.00 am  – 17.00pm


Time Main Foyer 1. (Chapel) 2.

(Ardwark Café)

3. 4. (Library) 5. (Oxford Room) 6.









tion and Refresh



Opening Chant (Samatha Centre)



10.05 – 10.15  




Welcome, introduction etc

Jaya (MBC)

10.15– 10.25







Chaplaincy (Hosts)

Terry Biddington


11. 25



  Input- Ven. Alan Bhuka

 Tenzin Dorjee, Usha McNab,

11.30 -12.40 Lunch in the Foyer

Ist Session


Kalyana- Mitra – Keith Munnings

On the work

of Buddhist Chaplaincy


Rev. A Gordon-Finlayson. Stonewater Zen

‘What does it mean to be Buddhist in the West?’


Ven Chueh Yun

Fo Guang Centre

From the Noble 8 Fold Path


J. Sainsbury (Kajyu Ling)

On Boddhicitta


Dene Donalds

Community  of Interbeing

Guided and silent meditation



Oxana Poberejnaia

Women and Buddhism


2nd Session


Dharmachari Buddharakshita, ‘‘Knowing Smile, Troubled World’,


Buddhist Group of Kendal, Ketumati, Police and Fire Service – on the work they are doing together.


Rev. D.Scott

Stonewater Zen Sangha,  achieving the ‘Great Awaken



Ven. Alan Bhuka

Soto Zen Dojo ‘Zen

and the Kesa’



Kathy Castle and Chris Ward –

Rigpa, ‘Reflections on Dying’.


Dr. V. Roebuck

Samatha Centre

Modern Buddhism

14.25-15.10 Discussion     Discussion      Discussion

(3rd Session)

15.1015-30 Tea Break


15.35 16.20

4th session (mainly meditation)




Ven Piyatissa

Ketumati Buddhist Vihara

4 Foundations of Mindfulness


Ven Pannasammy (Saranaya Dhamma Centre)

Vipasyanna meditation



Taravandana Lupson

Green Tara Puja



Phra Nicolas


Chareon Bahvana)

Meditation on light



To be decided


Peter Voke –Kwan Um School of Zen

Finding the Buddha Right in Front of You


16. 35




Closing remarks

Ven Piyatissa

Dedication of merit –

16.45 – 17.00 Chanting.

Soto Zen


The Venue is on three levels.  Most of the rooms are on the middle floor and accessed from off Oxford

Road.  They have been numbered for your convenience.  Room No 5 (Oxford Room) is located on the

lowest floor. Room No 6 (small Chapel) and the space for chanting (unnumbered) are located on the

third floor. There will be people to help you locate these on the day. A large programme for reference

will be in the Foyer.


The opening and closing chants will take place in the Foyer. Lunch will be at 11.30 to allow those who

need to eat early to do so.  A short blessing will be said before the start of the meal.  Please allow nuns

and monks to be served first.  There will be a room allocated for Venerables.  It would also be wonderful

if they wished to join us after their lunch in other spaces. It is an opportunity for us to learn.  No food

should be taken into the Chapels.


There will be a board or papers for comments and feedback for what you would like to see happen

to the Convention and also what you can contribute.


We have decided to have open discussion fora in the third session of the day (14.25-15.10). The

fourth session (after tea) will be mainly meditation so that after the discussion you are able to go

home in a suitably harmonious state!


The topics for discussion are:


  1. The way forward for the MBC
  2. Buddhism in the West
  3. Dharma Questions


The topics have been chosen for obvious reasons. If you have others, one of the themes may be able

to accommodate them, or you may like to consider leading a session yourself. We can find a space

for this if you contact us very soon.


The opening and closing chants will take place in the Foyer. Please be aware that this is part of the

opening prayers and Sadhana with which we open the day.


For some years now the MBC has been organised by a very small group of people.  There was a call

for volunteers last year to expand this but even so it has remained a small group. However, we have

been joined by people farther afield than Manchester both as presenters as well as participants. The

Convention is also addressing questions that have arisen over the years so it has moved on from

Introductory and ‘taster’ sessions.  We are organising in a space ‘neutral’ to Buddhism which some

of us have welcomed but which brings more organisational issues.


All in all, this year seems to be something of a turning point.  It would be good, therefore, to have a

bigger working group and definitely a reference group so that the event is and feels supported and

owned by a much wider coalition of people and centres. It would also be good if the core organizing

group feel they are working in tandem with the support and interests of the Buddhist community.

It would also be useful if we want to develop some working principles.



Please read this in conjunction with the presenter’s notes which will have a few more details on the

subjects being offered by the speakers. It would be useful if you had some ideas about the sessions

you would like to attend. However, we will have to operate a ‘first come, first served’ system. If you

are very keen on a particular session and you let us know, we will try and accommodate you.



Yours in the dharma,


Jaya (MBC)


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