Maitreya Heart Shrine Relic Tour in Manchester 5,6,7 October 2012

Heart Shrine Relic Tour

Heart Shrine Relic Tour (Photo credit: StigAlbansson)

“A precious collection of sacred relics of the Buddha and many other Buddhist masters is touring the world. The relics were found from among the cremation ashes of Buddhist masters. They resemble beautiful, pearl-like crystals. The relics embody the master’s spiritual qualities of compassion and wisdom.”

“The purpose of the Relic Tour is to inspire people of all spiritual traditions and paths to come together to experience the blessings of the relics.”

5, 6 & 7 October 2012

Manchester, England, UK

Friday: 5pm to 7pm Opening Ceremony
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Shree Radha Krishna Mandir
Hindu Religious Society
Gandhi Hall
Brunswick Road
M20 4QB

Contact: Dr Kim Gandhi
Telephone: (+44) 07801 708878
Contact: Mr. Krishan Kumar
Telephone: (+44) 0161 445 8355

More information on the official website Maitreya Hearth Shrine Relic Tour

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