Dhamma and science/Buddhism and psychology

Here we discuss links and correlations between the Dhamma and science. At present, it is particularly psychology that seems to borrow a lot from it, especially in the field of mindfulness. Also, there is talk about parallels between some aspects of Dhamma and the latest theories in physics. If you know anything about this, please put up a post.

If you want to be administrator for this topic or if you want to post anything under this category, please contact us at  manchesterbuddhistconvention@yahoo.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Dhamma and science/Buddhism and psychology

  1. Frances 23/09/2012 at 13:08 Reply

    Dear friends,

    I have just become aware of the convention & am deligthed to see this growing community. I cant make 13th October as I am chairing a meeting for Dancing Mountains zen. Our teacher is Reb Andserson 7 other teachers in the linage of Sunryu Suzuki Roshi at San Francisco zen centre. I work as a clinical health psychotherapist at Salford Royal 3 days a week, currently exploring with the hospital chaplains a place for buddhist chaplaincy as I apply to Upaya for training. I am involved in setting up a right livlihood project in the form of a social enerprise called ‘Compassion Field’ which is my heart’s work for the future. I would very much love to hear of any future events & offer my wholehearted support to you.


    JiDenDaiU Frances Collins

    • Jaya Graves 19/10/2012 at 19:52 Reply

      Hello Frances, I’ve just picked up your message – just after the Convention so time off to browse. Sorry if no-one’s been on touch but hope you catch this.

      The Convention went really well – not without too many hitches but nothing that couldn’t be ironed out. We had a very strong Zen component this year – several systems represented – Soto, White Plum lineage, Community of Interbeing, Kwan Um School. Hope your meeting went well too. Would love to hear more about it. Also about your work with Upaya. We has a session with Kalyana Mitra – also involved in Chaplaincy. Do you know them?

      Look out for a post on the Convention – if not in the near future than in a few weeks. Depends a bit on feedback coming in. Hope to see you next year. Leave us a contact number for information on the next Convention.

      Keep in touch or just keep an eye out.

      Jaya Graves (MBC)

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