Engaged Buddhism

This is a page for people who are interested in combining their spiritual practice with some sort of outward action: be in environment, human rights, poverty or disaster relief and so on.

Oxana is is provisional Administrator for this topic. If you want to be administrator for this topic, please contact us at manchesterbuddhistconvention@yahoo.co.uk

If you want to post anything under this category, please contact Oxana at poeticoxana@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Engaged Buddhism

  1. christopher moore 27/09/2012 at 17:36 Reply

    I am interested in becoming involved in a more practical aspect of engaged Buddhism with the samsaric world. I hope to attend the Engaged Buddhism meeting in Manchester in October. I have been involved in Buddhist practice for a number of years.

  2. Rebecca 07/06/2013 at 09:59 Reply

    Buddhist Action Month (BAM) is coming…….July 2013!

    The theme is the Environment. Organise your own Earthkind event!

    Set up an Environmental inspired event with your local Buddhist / Community Centre

    Support available
    Use the Earthkind Event Planning Guide and Poster (attached) to help you to set up your own event…..however large or small it all counts!

    Rebecca and Claire from the Network of Buddhist Organisations are supporting people who would to set up their own events via the Facebook page. Get online now! http://www.facebook.com/BAMEarthkind

    Be inspired, make a difference, get involved!!

    Rebecca & Claire
    Network of Buddhist Organisations
    Earthkind is being promoted by the Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO). For more information about NBO see following link http://www.NBO.org.uk

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