Manchester Buddhist Convention 2011

The original website for Manchester Buddhist Convention 2011 is here
The 2011 Manchester Buddhist Convention will take place on Saturday 11th June 2011.  The event will be hosted by  the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community (formerly FWBO) in the Manchester Buddhist Centre.  The address is 16-20 Turner Street, Manchester M4 1DZ. This is their website

We have a slight problem in that lots of people have booked at the last minute and capacity has been slightly exceeded.  You are still welcome to come along but please let us know you’re coming by filling in this very short online form.  

We would  ask that if you booked your place on or after Tuesday 7th of June would you mind making your own arrangements for lunch.  There are lots of cafes nearby and then you could rejoin the rest of the group in the marketplace area for the lunch break.The capacity issue in the shrine rooms is only a problem for the first hour or so with the opening speeches after which we break out into several rooms for the optional sessions.  Again, if you booked your place on or after Tuesday 7th of June you are welcome to stand at the back of the shrine rooms for the first hour or wait in the Yoga studio.Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this slight capacity issue.  We won’t have this problem next year as the venue for 2012 can hold nearly 400 people!  🙂

We have an area with market stalls and all groups are welcome to bring Buddhist-related items such as books and DVDs to sell. The hosting organisation have agreed to provide vegetarian food on the day on a dana-only basis.


Lotus Hall

Vajra Hall

Yoga Studio


Meeting Room

Main foyer


09:30-10:00 Registration, Tea and Coffee
10:00-10:15 Welcome by hosting Triratna group.
10:15-10:30 1. Introductory Chant by Kagyu Ling
10:30-11:15 2. Keynote SpeechDo we need to choose a Buddhist tradition?
11:15-12:30 3. Lunch4. Market place
12:30-13:15 5. Meditation taster session Samatha 6 Practice by following the six paramitas 7 Dhammapada 8 History of Kagyu Buddhism 45 minute session plus 5 mins change-over
13:20-14:05 10 Meditation taster session – Western Chan 11 Buddhism in the modern world – oppor-tunities and challenges 12 Nichiren Buddhism in Action 13 History and Practice of the Kwan Um School of Zen 45 minute session plus 5 mins change-over
14:10-15:00 14 Meditation taster session – Kagyu Ling 15 Introduction to Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation 16 How Buddhism can inform Psychotherapy 17 The union of dharma and daily life 9 Workshop for Buddhist Creatives 50 minute session
15:00-15:30  18. Teabreak
15:30-16:15 19. Questions and answers session.
16:15-16:45 20. Closing speech & notices about next conference
16:45-17:00 21. Closing Chanting Hannya Shingyo by Manchester Zen Dojo

You can find a more detailed programme guide as an attachment at the bottom of this webpage.

Things to note

The two largest rooms will be linked by video and audio links for the first and final parts of the programme.  If possible go to the Lotus room but if that is full you can see the video link in the Vajra hall.  Please remove shoes before entering the shrine rooms.  We have tried to put an appropriate number of cushions in each room but if necessary please take cushions or chairs from the main shrine hall.  The Triratna temple have been very generous with their time and efforts in hosting the conference and have provided food for no charge but please feel free to make a donation if you wish.  There is a collection box in the main entrance.  When it comes to the simultaneous meditation classes and talks please just go to whichever one you want to.  If the room is too full we’ll have to go on a first-come-first-served basis.  If you have any mobility issues please tell one of the organisers at reception.  The building has internal lifts and most events take place on the first floor but there are six steps up to the front door.

We would suggest that you join our Facebook group if possible. 

FYI – Planning for the 2012 Convention is already under way.  Take a look here for more info. 

With metta

The organising committee

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