Manchester Buddhist Convention 2015

Programme & final update for MBC 2015

Please click on the link below to open up, view and download a PDF of our final 2015 convention event programme:

MBC 2015 Programme (PDF)

Please click on the link below to open up, view and download a PDF of our final update which contains important information about the upcoming convention

Final Update for MBC 2015 (PDF)

MBC 2015 poster draft

Download the poster here MANCHESTER BUDDHIST CONVENTION 2015

Manchester Buddhist Convention 2015

The Manchester Buddhist Convention will take place as usual on the second Saturday of October at St. Peter’s Chaplaincy, Oxford Road, Manchester.

The theme for this years Convention is:

Buddhism in Action:
Peace in the Heart, Peace in the World.

This will be the tenth Convention held in Manchester. So we come to the end of a decade of meeting together as Buddhists from different lineages – a decade when we have gone some way in appreciating the richness of the path we share. We also hope that it has gone some way in increasing our understanding of the different paths, developing solidarity and intention to work together. This is also a decade that also seems to have been marked by an increase in tension and pain in the global context.

In response to this, some of us have been exploring ways in which we can work together to create links of service and giving to complement our inner practice. A group is coming together of explore this and I hope we will be able to present something at the convention.

Alongside this, we will of course, maintain our focus of practice and exploration of Dhamma/Dharma topics. More details of this will follow in the Update in August/September.

The PG have also decided to organise smaller events between the convention dates each October so as not to lose the momentum of the Convention. We have run one event on ‘Mindfulness in the Secular Context’ at Triratna Buddhist Centre on 11 April 2015 and will have another one on the theme of Lojong on 12 July 2015 at the Dechen Centre in Chorlton. You should have received, or should be receiving, information about this very soon. These are in venues with smaller capacities, accommodating fewer people than the October Convention. Places are offered on the basis of those who apply first.

As you know the Convention is planned by a group of people on a voluntary basis. It is possible to present it as an event with no fixed charge because of the generosity of Chaplaincy. This year we have decided to offer them a nominal fee to the Chaplaincy but retain the basis of ‘Dana’ – free giving – for participants. The Convention cannot take place without this so you are asked to take this on board should you attend and give generously.

I know also that many Centres have undertaken expansion or are busy with their own lineages. I am therefore asking you to consider whether you, as individuals and as centres, wish to support the event and it’s work or whether you feel it has done it’s work and for the time being and can rest for the next few years or if there is another configuration you think would be more suitable. Do you think that an event or a process that enables us to meet together as Buddhists and Buddhism without ‘boundaries’ is a useful one for the future? If so is this a useful approach to the next few years?

For instance:

  • Should it just concentrate on smaller events?
  • Should it concentrate on bringing people together for shared practice?
  • For action?
  • For visits to different Centres?
  • Or any other types of meetings or activities?

It is likely that some of the activities outlined above will go on whether or not the Convention continues in its present for.

These are things you may have to consider at the Convention so please give it some thought. You should also give some thought to the logistics of it – ie- what can we; collectively do to make it happen?

One         root         Many       Branches


One of the purposes of the MBC is to create discussion and engagement among Buddhists and the Website is a tool to do this.

Please check the News page for announcements of forthcoming events. Subscribe to email updates on the right to receive these in your mailbox.

Send your news to the email address


See more photos from MBC 2014 here

Read Jaya’s report on Manchester Buddhist Convention 2014 here and her article from Middle Way


The MBC aims to increase dialogue and engagement between different Buddhist schools and welcomes other interested people or groups to work together to increase compassion and understanding in our society.


The MBC will do this, primarily, by organising an annual event to share Dharma/Dhamma and practice; discuss current issues and possible actions.


The MBC will reflect our commitment by developing an ethical framework based on the five lay precepts with regard to purchasing, banking, transparency and engagement with each other.


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