Manchester Buddhist Convention 2016

Please click on mbc-2016-programme to download a PDF of the full programme and information about each presenter.

Below is the poster for MBC 2016 and also details of volunteering opportunities on the day.

MBC 2016 poster

MBC 2016 poster

Manchester Buddhist Convention

Run by Manchester Buddhist Convention Committee

with Manchester University Buddhist Society

Venue: St Peter’s House Chaplaincy, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9GH

Date: Saturday 15th October 2016

To: All Potential Attendees and Volunteers

Dear Friends

The Manchester Buddhist Convention is again with us. This event only happens because of your interest in attending and due to the efforts of those who facilitate the organising of it. We are grateful to you all for supporting this occasion.

In order for the day to run smoothly, a few more Volunteers are needed to carry out various necessary tasks.  Please can we ask if you might help.

Beginning and End of the day

At the start of the day (8am – 9 am) rooms will need to be prepared (furniture moved) to allow meetings to proceed. Signs/notices will need putting up. At end of the day (5 – 6 pm) the rooms will be need to be returned to how they were found. These tasks need to be done by volunteers.


This year the meal includes a “Bring and Share” element. Food is also being prepared in advance by the convention team. This food and the shared meal will need to be put together ready for serving via the kitchen.

Volunteers are needed to facilitate food serving/distribution.

  • Donated food will need collecting the received food for placing in Kitchen/Common Room at St Peters.
  • At Lunch time food will need to be served on plates
  • After the meal the plates will be washed and rooms cleaned up.
  • Assistance is required during, before and after 11.30 – 12.30 am.

At specific times, drinks and biscuits can be offered/served to attendees.

Cups will need washing and drying and putting away.

Drinks will need serving done around lunch time and between 2.30 and 3.00 pm.

We need help from volunteers to carry out each of the above.

If you are able, please choose which one or ones you wish to take part in, not necessarily for the whole period; it can be a lot of fun.

Please notify your wish to volunteer via “comments box” in Registration section of Manchester Convention website and /or by contacting me on

When you arrive on the day of the convention, please notify one of the Convention team.

Chris Moore MBC Planning Team

MBC 2016 Announcement

The 2016 Manchester Buddhist Convention will once again be held at St Peter’s Chaplaincy in Manchester on 15th October 2016.

The theme chosen for this year is the ‘Path of Well-being and Awakening’ and its practice with reference to the 4 Divine Abiding’s, Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity.

What better way to express the theme of this year’s event then for convention attendees to bring a “Lunch for Sharing” with them on the day. We respectfully suggest that the meal be vegan or vegetarian and not require Heating.

Registration is required as numbers are limited. Please click here to register your place at the event. 

We also welcome volunteers on the day for setting up, serving meals, washing up, and clearing up after the event. If you wish to volunteer please email

The Convention is planned and run by a group of volunteers. Donations (‘Dana’) are requested to cover essential costs and for future events. The Convention cannot take place without your support so we ask you to give generously if you can at the event. 

MBC 2016 poster

MBC 2016 poster

‘One Root Many Branches’

Yours in the Dharma,

Chris Moore & Tim Stokes (MBC Planning Team)





The theme chosen for this year is the ‘Path of Well-being’ and its practice with reference to the 4 Divine Abiding’s, Loving Kindness , Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity.

Registration Form

The registration form for Manchester Buddhist Convention 2016 is now live at:

We will also keep you up-to-date with events through Facebook and Twitter.

Yours in the Dharma,

Chris Moore & Tim Stokes (MBC Planning Team)


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