The Buddhist Society of Manchester

The Buddhist Society of Manchester was founded in 1951, making it the second oldest buddhist organization in the country. In 1954 its members supported one of their number to travel to Thailand to become the first westerner there to ordain as a buddhist monk.
Venerable Kappilavaddho later returned to this country to share his knowledge with the rest of the group and with others.
The Society continued to develop as a lay organization at its premises in Sale and did much to help establish the Dhamma in this country. The only surviving link with original group is Russel Williams who joined in 1957 and at the age of 93 still continues to share his wisdom at regular meetings.
The Society has never advertised and relies on word of mouth to bring in new members. It makes no charge to those who attend its meetings and relies solely on the generosity of its members to sustain itself. Although its roots are are in the Theravada tradition people are not encouraged to develop a particular set of views or rely on knowledge derived from books. Instead they are helped to develop their own innate well-being and awareness in daily life.
Contact details:
3 Grosvenor Square

M33 6QU
Tel. 0161 973 7588

2 thoughts on “The Buddhist Society of Manchester

  1. mary 04/11/2015 at 17:52 Reply

    Thank you for allowing me to leave a comment. I would like to give my huge thanks to Russel Williams and Steve Taylor for “Not I, Not other than I”, a truly wonderful book giving insight into the many things I have felt or seen in my past. I recall being able to float above things as a child but lost this ability without realizing it. Serendipity happened in my life two years ago in the form of my kinship, we both have the same values and beliefs and are blood kin although nether knew the other existed. I have been awakened to the Universe and truly believe that I we are being asked to reunite for the good of all concerned.

  2. Angelika Strixner 27/12/2015 at 22:03 Reply

    I would like to come to a meeting of the Manchester Buddhist Convention in the new year when Russel Williams is sharing his wisdom and presence. Can you please let me know if any dates for 2016 are given.
    Thank you
    Angelika strixner

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