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Welcome to Manchester Buddhist Convention online home

This is online home for Manchester Buddhist Convention.

The Manchester Buddhist Convention has been running since 2006.  (We just changed names!  Until 2010 it was known as the Manchester Buddhist Conference.)  Its objective is to bring together all the different Buddhist groups from North West England and anybody interested in Buddhism and meditation.  It is attended by monks and nuns from the various traditions, lay Buddhist practitioners and meditators and Budd-curious people from around the region.  There are a number of different talks, presentations, workshops and demonstrations from different groups and traditions.

We aim to become a hub for building Buddhist community in the North West, the UK and beyond. We do not introduce any borders. The Convention is dedicated to bringing people together, regardless of their Buddhist tradition, creed, race, gender, or geographical location.

On this website, you will find information about the Manchester Buddhist Convention, previous programmes and photos, plans for the next Convention, and pages dedicated to various interests Buddhists and non-Buddhists may pursue, such as spiritual events (retreats and festivals), creativity, engaged Buddhism (environment, charity etc), family and Buddhism, and others.

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